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Loan Rates as of June 1, 2019
Fully Pledged Loan760+700-759660-699600-659550-599549-below
New Auto/Motorcyle      
Up to 36 Months2.83.145.510.9913.49
Up to 48 Months3.
Up to 60 Months3.63.84.9712.4915.49
Up to 72 Months3.74.495.357.41316.49
Up to 84 Months4.24.955.5813.4917.49
Used Auto/Motorcyles (10 years old or newer)    
Up to 36 Months3.654.14.76.611.4913.99
Up to 48 Months4.054.555.47.112.4914.99
Up to 60 Months4.254.956.257.81315.99
Up to 72 Months4.755.256.5813.4916.99
Unsecured Loans (under $10,000)     
Up to 12 Months5.
Up to 24 Months5.56.36.9812.9913.99
Up to 36 Months5.96.578.513.9914.99
Up to 48 Months6.26.77.2914.9915.99
Unsecured Loans ($10,000.01-$15,000) Requires Board Approval  
Up to 12 Months6.
Up to 24 Months6.57.37.9913.9914.99
Up to 36 Months6.97.589.514.9915.99
Up to 48 Months7.27.78.21015.9916.99
Unsecured Loans ($15,000.01-$20,000) Requires Board Approval  
Up to 12 Months6.87.68.3913.4914.49
Up to 24 Months77.88.49.514.4915.49
Up to 36 Months7.488.51015.4916.49
Up to 48 Months7.78.28.710.516.4917.49
Unsecured Loans (over $20,000) Requires Board Approval   
Up to 12 Months7.88.69.31014.4915.49
Up to 24 Months88.89.410.515.4916.49
Up to 36 Months8.499.51116.4917.49
Up to 48 Months8.79.29.711.517.4918.49
New Recreational Vehicle (Up to 5 years old)    
Up to 36 months3.754.254.55510.2411.24
Up to 60 months44.457.246.3512.2413.24
Up to 84 months5.245.57.758.1413.2415.24
Up to 144 months5.4968.059.2414.2416.24
Used Recreational Vehicle (Over 5 years old)    
Up to 36 Months44.54.756.1511.2412.24
Share Pledged      
Up to 48 months2.83.754.755.999.9910.99
Certificate Term Certificate Maturity Dates    

*All Rates Subject to Change


Find possible events in the first column and follow across the row to view fees associated with that event.

Stop Payment$25.00
Check Copy$5.00
Print Statement$5.00
Verification of Depost$10.00
Bank Reference Letter$10.00
Check Withdrawls
1-3 per quarter-
4-6 per quarter$5.00
7 or more per quarter$10.00
Returned Check$25.00
Lost Visa Card$25.00
Late Payment Fee$25.00
Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance or Title$100.00
Cost of Insurance and/or Replacement Title$100.00

Joliet Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union  
818 East Cass Street, Joliet, IL 60432-3039
Office (815) 726-3883 
Fax (815) 726-3926